Tension and fun at the Ladies 3 match

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I must confess that the whole match passed me in a bit of a blur. That was not due to the tension though. After the first set the audience quickly thought it would be an easy win and went to the Men 1 game against Kalinko! A The Hague derby that turned out well for Sovicos. Anyway, luckily Men 5 turned out to be not only good at performing Sovicos tasks but also at encouraging Ladies 3! 🙏 The first set was therefore easily won 25-19.

And after an easy start it’s important to keep the pressure on the opponent. We have shown in recent matches (let’s forget Castellum’s) that we are certainly not inferior to the top of the poule and so we definitely belong in the second class. According to Vincent L. that can even be first class, but let’s win these match(s) first. And that’s exactly what we forgot to do. With just too many bad serves and unscoring attacks, we lose the set with 22-25.

Time to take it back in the third set. And we mainly do this with extremely hard services from Lieke, Anyda and Ebru and also very hard attacks (and blocks) from, among others, Lily. I’m not exaggerating. We had a good time and we played well. You understand, the set was won by us, with 25-23 (we like a little tension).

The atmosphere was good; every point was celebrated exuberantly and every ball fetched from the ground. The only thing missing was finishing, and let that be something that makes you win. Balls were kept from touching the ground as if the floor was lava. However, Gaby or Lotte were shown all corners of the Steenwijklaan as the pass didn’t always go where it should. And then we lacked scoring ability. The ‘efficiency’ was disappointingly low. And so the fourth set went to VCO with 21-25.

It makes a difference of 3 positions in the ranking, but that was not visible in the match. After all, you don’t play a fifth set because you’re so much better. And so this match was for us, right? It was exciting, sorry Vincent for the increased heart rate, but we were in good shape. As I wrote before; hard service, good defence, nice sets. The only, and crucial thing in volleyball that was still missing was the scoring of points. And well, that’s exactly what you need to win a match. So we went down, completely unjustly because we could have won. The last set was blown through our noses (is that an English expression? If not, now it is ;-))… by ourselves and with 15-17 VCO took the most points home. Sadly!

Fortunately, there was a small Van Kleef tasting afterwards and Vincent still provided a delicious bittergarnituur (sorry non-Dutch speakers, there’s just no right translation for bittergarnituur). And that’s how the evening ended not at all disappointing.

Anddddd this Wednesday we have another match. This time against DEO (number 5) and hopefully we will keep those 5 points in The Hague, this time. Come and cheer us on, much needed and appreciated! See you on Wednesday.