The editors look back on a successful start of season 2022/2023

2022 is almost coming to an end, a good time to look back. We, the editors, are happy to do that. Mainly because, what could be more fun than seeing that our blogs are read well, that we get more followers and reactions on social media and that the website is visited very often? We owe that to all the hard work, of course, but also to everyone who responds – of course with enthusiasm – to our endless call for interviews, photos and match reports. Sorry, not sorry 😉 And let’s see what that brings us:

Beating records with website visits

In September we achieved our record of website visits with 7,390 visits!! Our website has never been visited so often. We have not surpassed that record yet, but we still score better every month than the same month a year ago. In October 2022 we doubled our website visits compared to October 2021, we did the same in November and are also well on our way in December. We are of course very proud of this.

This season we introduced new sections such as ‘talent of the month‘, ‘the five favorites of…’ and ‘behind the scenes’. Sections that are very well read! In terms of content, we also started to focus on all aspects of Sovicos; from youth to beach volleyball and from indoor volleyball to sitting volleyball. In addition, we started working with a content calendar, which ensures that we can properly prepare and manage content, schedule blogs and ask people for input in time.

And do you have any ideas or comments? Points of criticism or just a positive message. Please email us!

How is Sovicos doing on social media?

And we are also doing well on Instagram. We now have over 400 followers and reach over 5,000 accounts each month. In the first half of the 2022/2023 season, we reached almost 12,000 people on Instagram – another record! Our Reels in particular are viewed well and of course our ‘talent of the month’ scores extremely well.

On Facebook we notice that we reach a lot less people than on Instagram, but we still break records there too. For example, we reached more than 3,000 people in the first half of the 2022/2023 season. That is 154% more than the year before.

Reporting on Volleyball Friday

On Fridays we try to cover all matches as best as possible on Instagram Stories and we increasingly see that there is an enthusiastic response, within and even outside the club. We will of course continue to do so. But, we also take this opportunity to ask you for help.

To watch all matches at the same time, film / photograph and share updates (scores) means we have to run, sometimes even fly, from one match to the other. That means we don’t have time to socialise or really watch a match. So, are you on the sideline at your own match? Or are you just watching a match? Do shoot a picture or video, share it on Instagram and tag us (@sovicosvolleybal) so we can reshare it on our channel. Why make it difficult when you can do it together, right?

On to 2023 in which we hope to break even more records, continue to create and publish great content and position Sovicos even better as the most enjoyable volleybalclub in The Hague and the surrounding area. Will you help?

Wishing you a very happy holiday, make something beautiful!

Greetings, the editors
Rianne, Matthijs, Léonie, Juliska & Milene