The school tournament has started!

On Friday, March 10th, the first day of the school volleyball tournament took place. Today, the preliminary rounds for the junior mixed teams and teachers were held. The first part of the tournament was filled with junior teams on all fields. As the rounds progressed, the teams became increasingly better and scored some great points. The participating schools were: Gymnasium Sorghvliet, the European School, the Diamant College, the Hofstad Lyceum, Lyceum Ypenburg, and the French school Lycée Français Vincent van Gogh.

The teacher teams, who played later in the afternoon, slowly gathered. As enthusiastic children, they stood on the sidelines twisting and jumping until they finally got to start. Gymnasium Sorghvliet tried to impress their opponents with new school jerseys. Did they succeed?

The top five teams from each pool will advance to the final on Friday, March 31st. There were 11 mixed teams divided into two pools. Two teams from each pool will proceed to the final. The teams that finished third in their pools can also qualify for the final day by winning a playoff.

No exciting playoff, but a surprising one…

In the playoff, Sorghvliet 2 faced off against Sorghvliet 4. It wasn’t an exciting game since one of the teams had already gone home 😉 The European School, Hofstad Lyceum, Diamant College, and Lyceum Ypenburg have also qualified for the final.

Teachers compete for a spot in the final

The teachers played very competitively! There were four teams, and it was clear that they had experience playing volleyball. The teachers wanted to win, and there was no holding back on their serves. Fortunately, no one was injured.

Five teams from the teachers’ group will also advance to the final, and the fifth spot has already been filled for the final day!

On March 17th, the girls’ 15+ category will play, on March 24th, the boys’ 15+ category will play, and on April 31st, the finals will be held. Want to know more? Click here!

Regards, Rachel & Gert (school tournament organizers)

P.S. We are looking for a replacement for Gert for next year. Curious about his volunteer role? Click here!