Vacancy Referee coordinator

Rob has many (un)official tasks within the club. He wants to reduce the volume of this to an acceptable level in the short term in terms of time and energy expenditure. The run-up to the new season is an excellent opportunity for this.



  • Taking care of the classification of referees
  • Taking care of the training of referees


  • acting as a point of contact for referees within the club
  • inventory of numbers of authorized referees
  • identifying/reporting shortages of referees
  • registering referees at the Nevobo
  • assigning referees to the teams
  • consulting with the competition secretariat in connection with the planning
  • passing on match changes at home matches to the referees
  • passing on to the referees information obtained from the Nevobo
  • weekly check for competence at home games
  • organizing or having organized the training to become a code 4 referee
  • monitoring the quality of our own referees

Organizationally falls under the: Technical Committee (but has no involvement with the other activities of this committee)

  • Estimated hours per week: 1 hour per week during the season
  • Peak moment: before the start of the season (16 hours)

This package of tasks can also be done as a duo job.

Do you find this an attractive and challenging package?