Volunteers spotlighted during BBQ & Beach

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Saturday, July 15 was the day: the volunteer barbecue! For most, it had been a while since it was organized and for the first time at Sovicos Beach! Read a short review below and see the best photos. Do you want to be there next year? Then become a volunteer!

The day started out sunny, warm and with a strong wind. Perfect for some beach volleyball! Following the concept of indoor beach tournaments, several rounds were played. After 4 rounds it was time for a well-deserved break. Around 4 p.m. it started drizzling and then it started pouring down. But after half an hour the rain stopped and we could continue!

After playing a few more rounds it started to drizzle again and everyone had had enough. The fields were taken down and the hard workers went to the locker rooms to take a shower. The organization (AC) had some time to get everything ready for the BBQ. Around 17:30 more volunteers joined in and the sun began to shine again!

The day ended with a wonderful speech by Vice-President Vincent who thanked all the volunteers on behalf of the Board for their contribution last season and also took the time to briefly look ahead to the upcoming season in which there is again much to do. Also the winners of the beach tournament are announced and the AC received a big applause for the organization.

Everyone a very happy summer and see you in August!

And now if you want to be invited to this cool barbecue next year too, then volunteer yourself!!!