We are the Editorial Board

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Armed with our masks, QR codes and ID, we walk into the Sportcampus Zuiderpark. After meeting mostly online, the Editorial Board is going to see each other in real life tonight. We’re starting off with a silly introduction round, as it’s the first time for some of us to see the others in the flesh.

As we order a few cup of joes, Matthijs – our president – takes out his laptop and we are truly ready for the first meeting of the year 2022. The Editorial Board meets monthly, so what are these meetings all about? Well, that varies from night to night. Tonight we start by going through our monthly newsletter and its results. We have recently switched to Laposta and see that the newsletter has been opened a little less often. Which is a shame of course, because it’s always full of valuable information! Then we talk about our goals for this year, for social media, the website, translations, fun content ideas and ways to fill the club treasury.

Busy during lockdown

As editors we are quite busy, and not just with consuming copious amounts of coffee. We are also present during the weekly trainings/games to shoot some photos and videos, which are then posted on the website and social media. We regularly send emails to volunteers or captains for interviews and match reports. In addition, we are also busy translating the website into English, and try to keep the website as up-to-date as possible, even during lockdown. And we send the best newsletter there is every month, of course.

But who exactly does what? We were asked that question online, which is why we’d like to use this blog to introduce ourselves.


Léonie is our main source of information, also known as our historical archive incorporated. But she does much more. For example, she ensures that the home page is always up-to-date with news items and blogs. Besides Léonie organises massage evenings for all your heavily stressed volleyball muscles, ensures that all Ooievaarspasses are scanned every season and assists the treasurer with all kinds of things.


Lisanne hasn’t been with the Editorial Board for long, about two years, but she’s already indispensable. She is our language expert and ensures that the entire website, including blogs like this one, can also be read in English. She also translates emails, messages from the Board and of course the newsletter!


In addition to fulfilling the role of Secretary in the General Board and libero in Heren 1, Matthijs is also our rock. Our president, creator of the cool monthly newsletters and our website manager. And just to give him some more work to do, you can also spot him walking around regularly with a camera to shoot amazing team photos.


You’ve probably seen Milene with a camera or mobile in her hand, recording the matches. Besides being our ‘official photographer’, Milene takes care of all social media updates (Instagram & Facebook), responds to all your comments & DMs, and ensures that your tagged Sovicos messages are shared. In addition, she also writes blogs, such as this one about Gaby and the blog you are reading now.

2.000 website visitors per month

So. Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s get back to our meeting. Lisanne and I, Milene, are now ready for our third cup of joe. Unfortunately, the bar guy has already cleaned the coffee machine. A bit strange for 9:00 pm, but as we still have to stay sharp, we both take an Ice Tea. Matthijs is now chatting with Léonie about website strategies, and we go over our website visits. More than 2,000 visitors per month, that is quite nice for a club with 350 members, right?

We’ll do another round of content ideas, and maybe let Sovicossers do the talking more often. ‘Sovicos Reporter’ does have a nice ring to it! Would you like to become a Sovicos Reporter? Truly, the only thing you have to do is shoot a few videos or pictures (of course with consent of the persons in the photos/videos) whenever you’re out and write a short piece of text. Easy-peasy! Send us an email if you’d like to share your creativity!

At 10 pm it is time for bed, and we put an end to this pleasant and productive meeting. We’re all excited to get back to work. So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it. But certainly no less enthusiastic!

Would you like to hear from us more often or do you have questions about the website, social media, the newsletter or anything else you have read above? You can reach us via email, social media or speak to us in the Steenwijklaan!