Week of the Referee

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Every week, you and your team shine in the sports halls. You bang the balls into the court, make millimetre-accurate set-ups at the edge of the net, or manoeuvre through the court like a ninja to show off the most grandiose defensive actions to the crowds in attendance. Or… you just do whatever.

It doesn’t matter, it’s about the referees making all this possible, for you! Because, without a referee, no match. Referees, you have them in all shapes and sizes, in all ages and of every level. Some whistle more than others or at divisional level and others lead matches in the lower classes in the right direction. Wherever they whistle, referees are 100% indispensable within the sport.

So time to thank the referee during ´Week of the Referee´ from 30 September to 8 October 2023.

How can you thank the referee?

What you can do? Walk up to the referee after the match to thank them or offer them a drink in the canteen. Anything goes. Here are some more ideas:

  • Give a standing ovation 
  • Decorate the referee’s chair 
  • Give a golden flute
  • Treat the referee after the match  
  • Bake a cake for the referee  
  • Roll out a red carpet towards the buck  
  • Decorate the entrance to the sports hall especially for the referee  
  • Give the referee a personalised t-shirt
  • Give a referee trophy

 … Whatever you do, make sure the referee feels extra appreciated during Referee Week! Oh and take a photo or video of the playful action(s) and share it on social media. Then don’t forget to tag us @sovicosvolleyball 🙂