Whistling Through Referee Week at Sovicos!

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It’s time to put Sovicos’ referees in the spotlight! From September 30 through October 8, we celebrate Referee Week. In this special week, we want to thank our referees for their tireless efforts, their whistle concerts that ring through the hall, and their indispensable contribution to our beloved volleyball.

Whether on weekdays or weekends, our referees are always on standby. Armed with whistles and cards, they make sure we can enjoy our sport. And that deserves loud applause!

As a token of our appreciation, everyone at Sovicos received a cool Sovicos keycord with a whistle from the VC (Association Committee). This little accessory reminds us how important referees are in our sport. So if you find yourself at the back of the buck soon, you’ll always have your own whistle handy!

But, let’s not forget that at Sovicos, being a referee is more than just whistling. It is a responsibility we all share. Therefore, we want to remind everyone that it is mandatory to get your referee certificate. We also expect you to be able to referee at least your own level. So if you play in the second division or higher, we encourage you to take the V4 course. You can pre-register with Martijn, our referee coordinator, at vc@sovicos.nl. Details on when and where the course will take place will follow shortly.

Didn’t receive a keycord and whistle? No worries! Send an e-mail to Milene at verenigingszaken@sovicos.nl and we’ll make sure you get them.

Let’s continue to whistle for our passion, respecting each other and the rules of the game.