Who are on the board of Sovicos?

An association has a board, this board is elected during the General Assembly. But what if you were unable to attend and are unaware of the board members? You may recognize some of the faces, while others might be unfamiliar. Here is a quick introduction to each board member for the season 2022–2023, in no particular order.

Chairman: Jan Soer

Jan has been a member of Sovicos for over 14 years. You can see him mainly on Tuesday evenings playing beach volleyball in the Zuiderpark, but of course he can also be found in the hall on Friday evenings and sometimes even on Wednesday evenings. And he decided that it would be wonderful to take on the role of club president this season after all the other volunteer work. And what does that include specifically? Jan serves as the club’s point of contact both inside and outside the club and chairs the board meetings.

Jan’s goal for this season

Digitization is one of the most important and biggest goals for this season for Jan. Digitalization ensures that all tasks within the club are easy to pick up and transfer. After all, convenience benefits man.

It should come as no surprise that Jan enjoys spending time at The Hague’s wonderful beach (because, beach volleyball! ), but did you know that he also enjoys eating herring and spareribs? Ideally with a Leffe Blond as a beverage and the lovely music of Anouk playing in the background.

TC chairman: Vincent Lugtenburg

Vincent has been a Sovicos member since before the Euro and has been a board member for technical affairs for many years. In this role, he represents the beach committee, equipment committee, technical committee, match secretary, and referee coordinator at board meetings and provides direction as needed.

Managing and organizing has been in his DNA since he was a child, so he started as a trainer and coach soon after joining Sovicos and then joined as a TC member. After quite a few years in this role, Vincent was asked by the then president to fill the board position of technical affairs.

Vincent’s goal for this season

Finally, a regular season after the previous Corona seasons! In terms of potential new business, Vincent is mostly interested in the Nevobo’s impending league modifications (2x half contests every season). Additionally, the Steenwijklaan location’s summer beach as well as indoor tournaments are being organized by the beach committee and us. We hope to be able to use the new beach shed at the beginning of 2023.

Of course, we also know Vincent as “Captain Van Kleef,” but do we know his favorite Van Kleef flavor? “Kruidebaggâh is always good.

Youth Affairs: Lieke Bruggink

Lieke has been a member of Sovicos since 2014 and, as of season 2021-2022, a member of the Youth Affairs board. What that entails? In short, Lieke is the link between the board and the Youth TC. She discusses youth issues in the board and is the contact person for parents/youth members on (general) club matters. Lieke joined the board because she likes to contribute and she enjoys actively thinking and discussing everything that happens at Sovicos.

Lieke’s goal for this season

Lieke hopes to organize fun activities for the youth this season together with the Youth TC and to get the youth more involved with the seniors.

Besides playing volleyball and organizing activities for the youth, Lieke loves the beach and can often be found at Zuiderstrand in the summer. Although she also likes to visit the Grote Markt for a drink.

Treasurer: Mark Kroon

Mark started with Sovicos when he was still in high school (sometime in 2006), went away for a while to row and study, but came back to The Hague after his studies and has been an avid member since 2014. Like most volunteers at Sovicos, Mark felt called to give something back to the association. He used to do this, together with René Frank and Vincent Sikkes, by performing the cash audit. When he heard from the previous treasurer, John Burger, that he was moving and quitting, Mark wanted to take over. And so as of this season Mark is our treasurer. This is quite a big task because as treasurer Mark is responsible for the correct and complete administration of Sovicos.

Mark’s goal for this season

Together with the other board members, Mark wants to digitize both the processing of mails and invoices and the accounting of income and expenses. This digitization will take quite some doing, but Mark is happy to roll up his sleeves for this task. In fact, another goal is to develop in the area of administration.

Besides the Steenwijklaan, Mark can also be found in museums and sometimes at a nice concert in ‘t Paard, by Goldband for example. And did you know that Mark loves Indonesian food? Rendang is his favorite to make, provided he has time to stew the meat all afternoon.

Secretary: Matthijs Schoenmaker

In 2008 Matthijs started as a mini at Sovicos, in 2012 he briefly cheated with Kalinko, but returned in 2015 – fortunately. For a few years now, Matthijs has been committed to the association as secretary. That means Matthijs takes notes at board meetings, applies for VOGs for all volunteers, manages the editorial team and makes the newsletter. Why he started doing this? Because he wants to reduce the gap between the editorial staff and the board, and because he wanted to do more for the club.

Matthijs’ goal for this season

Matthijs’ goal is to get all VOG’s in on time (this means that more often than not he will have to chase people) and he also wants to achieve good results with the editorial team. For example: increasing visitor numbers, high interaction on social media, publishing beautiful website content.

Did you know that Matthijs lives on a houseboat in The Hague? That is his favorite spot and I can’t blame him, what a nice place!

Club affairs: Rob Strang

He has been a member of Sovicos since 1959, is the calf-biter of Men’s 5 and since this season he is responsible for club affairs. We are, of course, talking about Rob Strang. Rob is responsible for all club affairs such as contact with volunteers, committees and HKV/Ons Eibernest. In addition, he is working to expand the volunteer base. And why he started doing all this? “A natural process as the son of the club’s founder/president.”

Rob’s goal for this season

Rob will focus this season on a handbook of volunteer recruitment and retention, develop new volunteer initiatives, including the new point system for volunteers.

Other than Steenwijklaan, you will hardly find Rob in The Hague anymore. You can find him still at the Greek, by the way! And he likes to finish that off with a nice whisky.

So, now you know who all the board members are, what their goals are and what their job entails. Do you have questions for the board? Mail them, or talk to one of the members in the hall.