Write like a pro: a smooth guide to writing your match report!

Hey volleyball heroes! Are you ready to share your competitive adventures with the world? Whether it was a great win, an exciting five-setter or a teachable defeat, your story deserves to be heard. In this smooth tutorial, we’re going to show you how to write a great match report that others will enjoy and get inspiration from. So grab your pen and let’s get started!

Step 1: Setting up your report

Give your match report a catchy and creative title that grabs attention.

Add a cool photo that captures the atmosphere of the match. Action shots always work well!

Step 2: Tell your story

Describe the match in chronological order. Begin with a brief introduction of the team and opponent.

List key set scores and moments, such as spectacular rallies, great attacks or crucial saves.

Write in a lively and pictorial way to make readers feel like they were there themselves. Use colorful language and imagery.

Step 3: Bring the players to life

Give each player a moment in the spotlight. Describe their accomplishments, unique style of play or notable actions during the game.

Don’t forget to name your own contribution, too. Did you make a great save or score an important point? Let’s hear it!

Step 4: Emotions and reflections

Let your feelings speak for themselves! Describe how you felt during the race, whether it was full of adrenaline, frustration or joy.

Reflect on the lessons you learned, the strategies that worked well or what you would do differently next time.

Step 5: Additional tips for the finishing touch

Keep it concise but powerful. Try to keep your contest report within about 500 words. Use paragraphs and white space to make your report clear and easy to read.

And there you have it! Now it’s time to send your contest report to us. We can’t wait to read your story and share it with our volleyball community. Don’t forget to include your report with a title, a photo and a maximum of 500 words.

Send it to redactie@sovicos.nl and who knows, you might soon see your name shining as an official “Sovicos Reporter.”