In March 2023, Sovicos will organize the 12th edition of the Sovicos School Volleyball Tournament. A volleyball tournament for various youth teams from different secondary schools. All teachers and students from secondary schools in The Hague are cordially invited to participate in the school tournament with one or more teams*

  • Participation of more than 1 team per category depends on the number of registrations and cannot be guaranteed in advance.


– mix < 15 years (born after 01-01-2008)

– girls 15+ (born before 01-01-2008)

– boys 15+ (born before 01-01-2008)

– teachers (max 1 team per school)

– All teams must always be occupied with at least 6 players. In addition, in the mixed category, at least 2 girls must play in the team.

– A team of teachers may only be registered if a team is also registered in at least one of the other categories.


We always try to divide the preliminaries by level. This is perceived as positive, but sometimes proves to be difficult in practice. We will also try to organize the division by level for the coming edition, but we will of course depend on the number of registrations. This then applies to the mixed categories, boys and girls.

The format is as follows:

– recreation class ; a maximum of 3 team members may be members of a volleyball association. Depending on the number of teams at both levels, the winner of the recreation class will or will not qualify for the final day.

– competition class ; this concerns teams that have finished high in previous editions of this tournament. Participants in this class can qualify for the final day.

With this format, we hope that many schools will sign up because the competitions will be more fun and equal. We therefore invite all schools to register.

We will try to implement the division into levels, but as mentioned earlier, we cannot guarantee this division into levels for all categories.

Planning and tournament setup

The total tournament will be organized on and divided over 4 Friday afternoons. All tournament days are played in the sports hall of Ons Eibernest at Steenwijklaan 16 in The Hague.

The tournament days last from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM and the format is as follows:

– Friday March 10, 2023: qualifying round Junior mix born after 1-1-2008 **

– Friday 17 March 2023: qualifying round Girls born before 1-1-2008 **

– Friday 24 March 2023: qualifying round Boys born before 1-1-2008 **

– Friday, March 31, 2023: final round for all categories

** On one of these days the preliminary round group of the teachers will also be played. Which day this will be depends on the number of registered Mix, Girls and Boys teams on these dates. Shortly after the closing of the registration deadline, we will inform the schools that have registered a team of teachers which day it has become. The final round of the teachers is equal to the students.

An attempt will be made to have the teachers’ matches only start from 3.45 pm.

To register

Do you want to register a team? Do so via this registration form! Complete the form and send it to: no later than Friday, February 17, 2023.

Questions and comments

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact the organizer Gert.