The secretary manages the club administration, consisting of the following tasks:

  • Organizing Board meetings, such as setting dates and booking locations
  • Setting the agenda and taking minutes
  • Keeping track of the inbox and archiving digital pieces

The secretary also monitors the communication from the General Board to the members. They also are the point of contact between the Editorial Board and the General Board. They keep the Editorial Board up to date on the plans of the General Board, and also presents feedback to the General Board from the Editorial Board.

Time management

These tasks don’t take that much time. Setting dates, making an agenda and checking the mail once every couple of days is done in just a few minutes. The responsibilities however are ongoing. A secretary often thinks about improving the club, or hangs around just a bit longer after their own games to see another team in action. A little indication of how much time it takes per week (note: Board meetings only happen once a month):

~ Checking email – 1 hour per week

~ Preparing for meeting – 2 hours

~ Meeting and taking minutes – 3 hours

~ Working out minutes – 3 hours

——————————————————————– Total: 9 uur


A secretary has to be clear minded and have strong organisation skills. Efficiency truly halves the workload. A secretary must have strong communicative skills. They can write formal letters and notes, as well as manage the social media platforms, the website and the newsletter. But what is most important is a heart for the club, and a positive outlook towards its future.