Welcome to Sovicos!  

Step 1

Fill out the JOIN form. The (youth) Technical Committee will invite you to three free trainingsessions. Based on your form and the training sessions, the TC will propose a certain team and player level.

Step 2

If you would like to become a member after this, you’ll get the digital registrationform from the (youth) Technical Committee. Through this link you can generate a form in a few steps. Then you have to hand in the signed form to the TC/YouthTC and they will make sure that the membership administration processes your application.

NOTE: An application is for an indefinite period of time; it is valid for at least the entire season and automatically continues into the next season.

I am aware that if I sign up for competition, I am available for competition matches.

If you are already a member and you’d like to pay through direct debit, please download the direct debit form here. You can send this form to penningmeester@sovicos.nl

The Statutes and House Rules mentioned in the application form can be found here. Please read them well before you sign. Furthermore, please find a second list of house rules for new members, which should be read as well.

Sovicos processes all personal information according to the Privacy regulations.

Playercard & Picture

If you’ve played volleyball before at another club, please make sure you bring your own Nevobo playercard with you. If you’re unable to get your playercard back from your old club, please let us know and we’ll apply for a new one for you for € 5,-.
If you need a (new) playercard, please send us a digital passport-size picture which fits the following regulations:

a. Choose a recent picture, in which you are clearly recognizable;
b. Make sure the picture is taken straight on;
c. Make sure your eyes are clearly visible;
d. Choose a full-color picture;
e. Only JPEGS allowed;
f. Resolution needs to be 600×800 pixels;
g. Ratio is 3:4;
h. Picture size needs to be between 256 – 512 kb.

Please send your picture to ledenadmin@sovicos.nl