At Sovicos, we cherish the principle of playing together and learning from each other. Bullying has no place in our sports community.

Understanding Bullying

Bullying encompasses all forms of intimidating behavior with a structural or repetitive nature, where one or more individuals attempt to inflict physical, verbal, or psychological harm on another who cannot defend themselves. Bullying behavior can be both obvious and subtle, ranging from exclusion to insults.

Online Bullying

Online bullying, such as on social media, is a relatively new form. Exclusion from WhatsApp groups or receiving unwanted sexually explicit photos are distressing examples. Group dynamics within teams often play a role, making it essential for coaches to have the pedagogical skills to recognize this behavior.

The Threat of Bullying

Bullying, discrimination, or insults become threatening when they make the other person feel fearful and unsafe. However, threats do not always precede systematic bullying, discrimination, or insults. While bullying is not punishable under Dutch law, threats are. In sports disciplinary law, there are sometimes possibilities to punish bullying.

Addressing Bullying at Sovicos

When there are suspicions of bullying at Sovicos, it is crucial to act promptly and appropriately. Each bullying situation is unique and requires a specific approach, which we as a club take seriously. Together, we strive for a sports environment free from bullying.