Commitment to a Safe and Respectful Sports Environment at Sovicos

At Sovicos, we believe in a sports environment free from intimidation and abuse of power. Let’s work together to foster a culture where respect and safety are paramount.

Power Dynamics Within Sovicos

Within our organization, power is sometimes necessary, such as a coach leading the team. Unfortunately, power can also be misused, for instance, by a trainer who prioritizes their own interests. In such cases, it is considered an abuse of power, and this is NOT accepted at Sovicos.

Intimidation: Consequences of Fear

Intimidation, which influences behavior through fear, occurs when someone with power directs this towards someone with less power. Examples include a trainer deciding team positions or a board member determining a coach’s contract. We do NOT accept intimidation at Sovicos either.

Power Inequality and Sports

Power inequality in sports is a reality, but it doesn’t have to be a problem. Recognizing this dynamic is crucial for understanding and addressing it. Here are some situations to consider:

  • A trainer tells an athlete, “If you don’t do this, I won’t let you play.”
  • Athletes are weighed in their underwear before a competition because the trainer believes it weighs less.
  • A trainer has the key to an athlete’s room during a training camp.
  • A trainer encourages the use of pills for better performance.

Prevention: Awareness and Dialogue

Power is situation-dependent and can take various forms. Being aware of your role and discussing these topics within the team and the organization are essential.

Role of Athletes, Trainers, and Board Members at Sovicos

  • Athletes, respect each other and play fairly.
  • Trainers, be aware of your influence and use it responsibly.
  • Board Members, understand your power and use it with care.

Club Policy Against Abuse of Power

As a club, awareness is key to prevention. We support trainers and encourage open discussion on this topic. Want to talk about it? Email the board or contact a confidential advisor at or

Sports Federation and Prevention

Sports federations can support clubs through regulations and education. At Sovicos, we encourage dialogue. If something goes wrong, talk to one of our confidential advisors. Together, we stand strong against intimidation and abuse of power.