Unlock the Power of Collaboration with SoviScore!

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At Sovicos, we believe in the indispensable power of volunteering to make our association thrive. Volunteers are the heart and soul of our club, and their dedication allows us to share our passion for volleyball and create amazing experiences. To further strengthen this commitment and show appreciation to our volunteers, we are thrilled to introduce SoviScore: our very own Volunteer Points System!

Why Introduce SoviScore?

The success of our association depends on all of you, our dedicated members. As volunteers, you take on various tasks, ranging from serving on the board and committees to providing training and coaching. With SoviScore, we aim to acknowledge your efforts and make volunteering at Sovicos even more rewarding. By creating a rewards system, we hope to provide an extra incentive for everyone to contribute to our association’s success.

How Does SoviScore Work?

With SoviScore, teams earn points by taking on different volunteer tasks. We have compiled an extensive list of tasks, ranging from larger board positions to periodic functions and occasional assignments. Each of these tasks has been assigned a specific number of points based on time commitment and responsibility. As a team, you can choose which tasks to take on and how to distribute the points.

The Rules of the Game

In SoviScore, each team earns points for each completed volunteer task according to the following distribution:

  • Larger tasks (such as board positions): 20 points
  • Strategic functions (such as committees): 15 points
  • Periodic functions (such as organizing the school volleyball tournament): 10 points
  • Occasional or lighter tasks (such as writing a match report): 5 points

Regular tasks, such as bartending, refereeing, or scorekeeping, are already part of every team’s responsibilities and are not included in the points system.

Play for Victory!

The objective is simple: gather as many points as a team and strive for that coveted first place! At the end of the season, the top 3 teams will receive fantastic prizes as recognition for their dedication and involvement with the association.

Volunteer Vacancies

In addition to earning points with SoviScore, we also have some open volunteer vacancies where you can score points directly:

  • President (20 points)
  • Treasurer (20 points)
  • New trainers and coaches (15 points)

Filling one of these important roles will not only drive our association forward but also provide you with an appropriate compensation for your efforts.

Get Involved!

With SoviScore, we hope that volunteering at Sovicos is not only rewarding but also a source of joy and camaraderie. Help us unlock the power of collaboration!

If you want to learn more about SoviScore, please contact us Lieke at jeugdzaken@sovicos.nl and Milene at verenigingszaken@sovicos.nl