Welcome to SoviScore, the game within our game! Here, you can see at a glance how your team is performing and where you stand in the volunteer leaderboard. But don’t worry if you need to catch up on some points, because it’s never too late to score!

We believe in the power of collaboration and engagement. To encourage that, we have introduced the point system based on our association’s organizational structure to visibly and fairly reward voluntary contributions.

To make voluntary efforts visible and to inspire teams, we share the scores achieved at the team level. This way, everyone within the association can track the progress and involvement of each team.

How do you score points? It’s simple! Take on volunteer tasks that suit you and contribute to our amazing volleyball association. This can include organizing events, supporting as a coach during matches, or assisting with open volunteer tasks. Every contribution counts and brings your team closer to victory!

Curious about the full rules of the game and the reward system? Scroll down or check out our blog post for all the details.

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The team scores

D = Ladiesteam
H = Gentsteam
B = Beachgroups

The rules of the game

  • Each volunteer task earns points for the team, and the point distribution is as follows:
    • Major tasks (such as board positions) receive 20 points.
    • Strategic roles (such as committees) receive 15 points.
    • Periodic functions (such as organizing the school tournament) receive 10 points.
    • Incidental or lighter tasks (such as post-event cleanup) receive 5 points.
  • Regular tasks, like serving at the bar, refereeing a match, or scorekeeping, are already part of each team’s responsibilities and are not included in the point system.
  • Teams are expected to score a minimum of 50 points.
  • Not enough points or action to score points? Then your team will be assigned more duties, such as managing the venue, keeping score, refereeing, or bar service.
  • If your team finishes in the top 3 at the end of the season, you’ll receive a fantastic prize!

Distribution of points

Here is an overview of the tasks and the corresponding points for SoviScore:

Board Member for Technical Affairs20
Board Member for Association Affairs20
Board Member for Youth Affairs20
Membership Administration15
Association Committee15
Confidential Contact Advisors15
Technical Committee (TC)15
Youth TC Committee15
Beach Committee15
Equipment Committee15
Activities Committee (AC)15
Editorial Team15
Coaching of a match10
Organizing Beach Tournaments10
Scholastic Volleyball Coordinator10
Organizing Massage Evenings10
Audit Committee10
PR/Sponsorship Committee10
First Aider5
Writing Match Reports5
Coaching Youth Teams5
Assisting Senior Team Coaches5
SovInfluencer (Friday Night Reports)5
Event Organization (with AC)5
Continuity Committee5
Appeals Committee5

This overview provides insight into available tasks and the corresponding points allocated to each task in the SoviScore system.

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