Welcome to Sovicos, the volleyball club of The Hague! With over 70 years of experience, we know better than anyone how important volunteers are. They are, in fact, the beating heart of our association! On this page, we proudly give a well-deserved place to all our volunteers, from the Board to the committees, trainers, and coaches.

Because at Sovicos, every volunteer is equally important, and we are proud of what we achieve together. Curious to know who contributes to the success of our club? Take a look and discover how our team of volunteers keeps the club running. Because without them, there would be no Sovicos!

The Board

As you can see above, the board of Sovicos consists of six positions and thus six members.

ChairmanTo be chosen at GMvoorzitter@sovicos.nl
TreasurerTo be chosen at GMpenningmeester@sovicos.nl
Technical AffairsVincent Lugtenburgtcvoorzitter@sovicos.nl
Youth AffairsLieke Brugginkjeugdzaken@sovicos.nl
Club AffairsMilene van Arendonkverenigingszaken@sovicos.nl

Want to know more about what these functions entail? Click here.

Supporting Staff

In addition to the board, there is also a supporting staff, consisting of various committees as shown below:

Activity CommitteeBeach CommitteeYouth Technical Committee
Camilo, Chris & MerelFloris, Gert, Olga & SophieNatasja, Lotte, Firoz
Membership AdministrationMassagesMaterial Committee
LindaLéonie & RobFiroz & Janneke
Editorial TeamSchool tournament coordinatorTechnical Committee
Martijn, Matthijs & MileneRachel & IsabelVincent S., Lindy,
Vincent L. & Jesper
Confidential ContactpersonsClub Committee*SoviScore
Brenda & Vincent S.Paulien,
Martijn & Maura
Lieke & Milene
Voor contactvc@sovicos.nlsoviscore@sovicos.nl

* The tasks of the association committee include: bar services coordinator, hiring coordinator, referee coordinator, VOG and competition affairs.


In season 2023 / 2024 ten members have received their first aid certificate:
Anouk M., Brenda, Firoz, Lili, Martijn, Meike, Merel, Milene, Rachel, Vincent S.


Ladies 1vacancyGents 1vacancy
Ladies 2vacancyGents 2vacancy
Ladies 3vacancyGents 3vacancy
Ladies 4vacancyGents 4vacancy
Ladies 5vacancyBeginners group Avacancy
Ladies 6vacancyBeginners group Bvacancy
Ladies 7vacancy
Group 1 (High 1)vacancyMini’svacancy
Group 2 (Advanced)vacancyGirls Avacancy
Group 3 (Interm. 1)vacancyGirls Bvacancy
Group 4vacancyGirls Bvacancy
Group 5 (high 2)vacancyGirls Cvacancy
Group 6 (Starter 1)vacancy
Group 7 (Starter 2)vacancy
Group 8 (High 2)vacancy

For some of the tasks, we could use some extra help, such as with the editorial team and also the school tournament. We are always looking for trainers for both senior, junior and beach volleyball teams. So if you have some spare time and feel like supporting the association in a different way, check out our vacancies: