For some of us, it might take a moment to get back into the swing of things. Therefore, before your bar shift, it’s nice to refresh your memory with the BAR RULES – here you can read what you need to do during your bar duty, including the closing procedure.

Bar shifts on Wednesdays

Date21:00 – 23:0023:00 – 0:00
Gents 1Gents 2
07-02-2023Ladies 5Ladies 2
14-02-2023Ladies 4Ladies 1
21-02-2023Ladies 6ABC group 1
28-02-2023Gents 1Gents 2
06-03-2023Ladies 5Ladies 2
13-03-2023Ladies 4Ladies 1
20-03-2023Ladies 6ABC group 1
27-03-2023Gents 1Gents 2
03-04-2023Ladies 5Ladies 2
10-04-2023Ladies 4Ladies 1
17-04-2023Ladies 6ABC group 1