Talent of the month: February

It’s time again for a new ‘talent of the month’, in which we nominate a youth member every month. February’s talent of the month is Aurora from Girls C!

Congratulations dear Aurora!!

Aurora is 11 years old and 1.50 meters tall. She is very fanatical and always energetic during the trainings and matches of Girls C. The best thing about volleyball? “Serving!” she answers. And while I come to watch the training, she is practicing to serve overhand. That is her ambition, and she is already doing quite well. So, I have every confidence that she’ll be serving overhand very soon.

Besides volleyball, Aurora likes street dance, but she also loves drawing and painting. And when she is not drawing, painting or dancing, she likes to watch ‘The house with a clock in it’s wall’ and, like many other Sovicossers, the Harry Potter series.

Last but not least, Aurora has been voted ‘talent of the month’ because she tries so hard, is eager to learn and also shows real progress. So that overhand service? That’s going to be all right!

Nice to get to know you a little better, Aurora. Good luck at Girls C.