Talent of the month – October

Today we introduce our new ‘talent of the month’ section in which we nominate a youth member every month.

And Bade Naz from MC1 is the very first to call herself ‘talent of the month’.

And why? Because she hasn’t been a member for very long, but she’s very enthusiastic! Bade Naz is 12 years old and 160cm. What she likes most about volleyball is having to work together to get the ball over the net. And there on the other side, of course on the ground. Orange and black are not her favorite colors, although she likes to play in them. Still, she would prefer to play in light pink, her favorite color. Of course we also asked her what she wants to be when she grows up. Professional volleyball player perhaps? No, Bade Naz would like to become a doctor! A wonderful profession, of course.

Nice to get to know you like this Bade Naz. Have fun at MC1 and congratulations!