Would you like to keep our club standing? Awesome! You can check out all available vacancies below in an overview of all positions available within Sovicos and where there are still open vacancies. There might be something you like to do. Doing a job as a duo job together with someone else is always possible.

If you like a position that is occupied, don’t hesitate to sign up for it too. There is always a possibility. Please contact the relevant committee or person. The e-mail address of this committee of person can be found at https://sovicos.nl/organization/

Member of the Activities Committee

The activities committee is looking for organizational talent, party animal, someone who likes to organize activities together with the two other members.

What are you going to do?

Together with Ilse and Anouk M. you organize cool activities a few times a year. Think of parties – of course -, but of course also other activities such as; blacklight tournament, pub quiz and a movie night. Or whatever the AC comes up with.
Do you want to know more? The editors recently interviewed Ilse about her work as a member of the AC.

So do you enjoy organizing activities, do you have a few hours a week and do you enjoy working with Anouk and Ilse? Then click on the button below!

For this position you will receive a €50 volunteer compensation* per season.

Member of the Editorial Board

The Redactie is a fun group of creative people who provide fun and informative expressions on the website and social media. Always looking for the best news, enthusiastically writing blogs about indoor, beach and sitting volleyball, often present to shoot photos and videos for social media. And that nice group (now consisting of Matthijs, Rianne and Milene) is looking for backup!

What are you going to do?

We are looking for someone who likes to write content, think along with social media posts, translate blogs and help make videos and photos for stories and posts on Friday evenings. Think of conducting interviews with members, writing and translating blogs about volleyball-related matters and working as a social media reporter on Friday evenings. This will cost you about 1 – 3 hours a week.
So do you understand WordPress, are you creative and do you have a few hours a week free to dedicate yourself to the club? Sign up quickly via the button below!

For this position you will receive € 100 volunteer compensation* per season.

Member of the Sponsorship Committee

Since September 2022, we have a new Sponsorship Plan 2022-2026, written by Matthijs in collaboration with SponsorVisie, Iwan Banens, and the Board. To further implement this plan, we are looking for enthusiastic members who want to assist Matthijs in this effort.

What will you do?

Together with Matthijs, actively search for sponsors! And of course, maintain contact with the sponsor. Searching for new sponsors requires some time and effort. Additionally, it is important that you can convey a story well so that potential sponsors get a good idea of the sponsorship opportunities and benefits for the company.

In terms of time, it doesn’t require much effort. You can do everything from your PC and occasionally visit the sponsor or have the sponsor come to the club.

For this position, you will receive a volunteer fee of €100 per season*

Interested? Sign up here.

Trainers wanted!

We are still looking for coaches/trainers for several senior teams and some youth teams. You should be available once a week to give training and preferably also available for coaching. Volleyball knowledge is a requirement, but above all, we are looking for energy and motivation. And if you’re interested but have never done it before, we can help you get started. Let us know, we have enough experienced trainers who can help you out.

We are also looking for coaches for our youth teams. Would you like to give training to a youth team? Then please sign up by sending an email to the Youth TC. Coaching our youth teams is also very important.

Would you like to contribute as a trainer and/or coach for Sovicos? Let us know! You can also do this as a duo job with someone else.

You will receive compensation* for this role as well. The amount depends on your experience, the team, and the total number of training sessions.

Assistance needed for the Audit Committee

Every year, one of the two members of the Audit Committee is replaced (you can do it for a maximum of 2 years), and for this reason, Sovicos is looking for one more member for the committee to assist with the audit of the current season.

What will you do?

Together with the other member of the Audit Committee, you will review the bookkeeping of the Treasurer from the past season. You will check whether the amounts calculated by the treasurer are correct and ask questions about specific numbers, invoices, and/or anything that catches your attention. It’s like an audit of the Treasurer.

How much time will it take?

One evening (1-2 hours) for preparation (which questions will we ask), one evening with the Treasurer where questions will be asked and answers+information will be given (2 hours), and typing the report (maximum 1 hour). The total time commitment is approximately 4-5 hours for one season.

General Board
Chairmen: Jan
Secretary: Matthijs
Treasurer: Mark
Technica business: Vincent L.
Youth affairs: Lieke
Club affairs: Rob
Supporting Functions
Member administration: Robert
Match secretary: Nicky​
Referee coordinator: Rob​, Michael
Hiring coordinator:  Renata​
Mini Coordinator: VACANCY
Confidents: Yvonne and ​Iwan
Technical Committee: Brenda, Vincent L., Iris  and Vincent S.​
Youth Committee/Youth Technical Committee: Lieke, Natasja, Yvonne, Firoz and Lotte​
Beach Committee: Karen, Floris and Gert
Material Committee: Firoz and Janneke​
Coordination primary schools tournament: VACANCY
Coordination School Volleybal League: Rachel and Gert (VACANCY)
Activities Committee: Ilse and Anouk M.
Bar coordinator/-planner: Janneke​
Massage evenings: Léonie and Rob​
Editorial: Milene, Matthijs & Rianne
Newsletter: Matthijs
PR/Sponsor Committee: Matthijs and VACANCY
Appeals Committee: Leandra, Renata and Theo​
Cash control Committee: Vincent Sikkes and VACANCY
Continuity Committee: Iwan and Yvonne

* The volunteer compensation will only be paid if a (free) VOG has been handed over to Matthijs (H1) or Sanne (D4). To apply for a free VOG, contact secretaris@sovicos.nl.