Would you like to keep our club standing? Awesome! You can check out all available vacancies below in an overview of all positions available within Sovicos and where there are still open vacancies. There might be something you like to do. Doing a job as a duo job together with someone else is always possible.

If you like a position that is occupied, don’t hesitate to sign up for it too. There is always a possibility. Please contact the relevant committee or person. The e-mail address of this committee of person can be found at https://sovicos.nl/organization/

General Board
Chairmen: Jan
Secretary: Matthijs
Treasurer: Mark
Technica business: Vincent L.
Youth affairs: Lieke
Club affairs: Rob
Supporting Functions
Member administration: Robert
Match secretary: Nicky​
Referee coordinator: (Rob) VACANCY
Hiring coordinator:  Renata​
Mini Coordinator: VACANCY
Confidents: Yvonne and ​Iwan
Technical Committee: Brenda, Vincent L., Iris  and Vincent S.​
Youth Committee/Youth Technical Committee: Lieke, Natasja, Yvonne, Firoz and Lotte​
Beach Committee: Karen, Floris and Gert
Material Committee: Firoz and Janneke​
Coordination primary schools tournament: VACANCY
Coordination School Volleybal League: Rachel and Gert
Activities Committee: Ilse, Lotte and Anouk
Bar coordinator/-planner: Rob and Janneke​
Massage evenings: (Léonie) VACANCY and Rob​
Editorial: VACANCY-1 (Léonie), VACANCY-2, VACANCY-3, Milene and Matthijs
Newsletter: Matthijs
PR/Sponsor Committee: VACANCY-1 and VACANCY-2
Appeals Committee: VACANCY (Léonie), Renata Erkelens and Theo Aquarius​
Cash control Committee: Vincent Sikkes and VACANCY
Continuity Committee: Iwan and Yvonne

Referee Coordinator

Coordinating referees is an important task. You are responsible for the classification of the referees and also the training of referees.

What are you responsible for?

  • the appointing of referees
  • training referees

How much time does it take?

  • during the season 1 hour per week
  • a peak time of 16 hours prior to the season

Read more about the duties of the referee coordinator HERE.

For these tasks you will receive €100 volunteer compensation per season.