Sovicos on the Student Navigator website

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Everyone coming to The Hague to study must be directed in the right direction. And for all aspiring volleyball players, that direction leads to Sovicos. At least, from now on, because Sovicos can now be found on the Student Navigator website.

On this website, students can find not only information about our volleyball club but also various other useful things such as buying textbooks, good laptops, and great discounts. A good start is half the battle, so students who are looking for a cool volleyball club through this website are already on the right track.

And did you know that you also get a student discount when you come to play beach volleyball with us?

Studying in The Hague

Are you coming to study in The Hague? Then be sure to come and play volleyball at Sovicos in the sports hall at Steenwijklaan. The first three training sessions are free for you. Even if you have never played volleyball before, we have a spot for you. Because volleyball is a sport for everyone. Sign up here to play volleyball at the friendliest club in The Hague and surrounding areas.

What are you waiting for?