Dive in the sand with Sovicos!

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Summer adventures, beach volleyball fun, and amazing memories await you at Sovicos Beach Court. Whether you’re an experienced player or just starting out, Sovicos is the perfect place to unleash your beach volleyball skills.

A Saturday afternoon filled with beach volleyball

Every Saturday afternoon, our Sovicos Beach Court transforms into a paradise for beach volleyball enthusiasts like you. You can sign up solo or with your team, feeling the excitement and competition as you smash the ball over the net. Whether you’re a seasoned beach volleyball player or just beginning, our Saturday afternoons are filled with enthusiasm and camaraderie for all skill levels.

Cost and registration

The good news? Participating in our beach volleyball sessions is very affordable! For just €8 per person, you can experience an afternoon of fun and athletic challenges. You can register by emailing bc@sovicos.nl and reserving your spot at our sunny location in The Hague.

Exclusive for Sovicos members

This beach volleyball experience is exclusive to Sovicos members. Together, we create a friendly and supportive environment where having a lot of fun is the main focus.

Space and supervisors

To ensure that everyone can fully enjoy beach volleyball at Sovicos, participation depends on available space and the presence of the coaching staff. Beach members who have registered for summer beach volleyball at Sovicos will have priority.

So put on your sports attire, grab your sunscreen, and let the adventure begin! Sign up today at bc@sovicos.nl and secure your spot at our beautiful Sovicos Beach Court.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Saturday afternoons filled with beach volleyball fun.