English referee-exam now available!

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Good news! The long-awaited English rule test is finally available! Log in to Volleybalmasterz.nl with your Nevobo account and discover the English test among the available courses. Non-Dutch-speaking members can now effortlessly complete their rule test!

About Volleybalmasterz

At volleybalmasterz.nl, you’ll find the volleyball rules clearly explained. In addition to explanations of important and/or challenging game situations, you can test yourself by taking as many practice tests as you like. The site also features recognizable videos that clarify the rules.

Rule Certificate

For those with sufficient knowledge, you can take a free rule test directly through Volleybalmasterz. If you pass this test and fill in your relationship code, you will earn the rule certificate, allowing you to referee matches in the 3rd class and lower.

Referee License

Once you have a sufficient understanding of the rules, obtaining your license involves completing a final exam. This exam comprises 20 questions, and you need to answer at least 16 correctly. Upon successful completion, your certificate and license will be automatically added to your nevobo.nl profile, and you will receive a copy via email. With the license, you are eligible to officiate matches in the 3rd class and lower divisions.

You have a 20-minute time limit for the test. In case of an unsuccessful attempt, you can make multiple retakes until you successfully pass the exam.

Important notice: since you must log in to take the final test, passing the test is registered in Sportlink (and therefore with Nevobo) within a day. It is extremely important that you log in with your nevobo.nl account to which your relationship code is linked. If you do not do this, the license cannot be linked to you. If you don’t know your relationship code, ask your captain or send an e-mail to verenigingszaken@sovicos.nl