Prepared on All Fronts: EHBSO Course!

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At Sovicos, we are not just enthusiastic volleyball players but also responsible athletes. That’s why 11 of our members participated in an EHBSO course on two informative Thursday evenings. This course has prepared us not only for potential injuries during volleyball but also during all our activities. Join us and discover how we have prepared ourselves to act quickly and effectively in emergency situations!

Volleyball and Injuries: A Familiar Combination

Volleyball is known as a sport prone to injuries. Did you know that volleyball is in the top 10 sports in the Netherlands where players seek emergency medical help due to injuries? The most common volleyball injury is a sprained ankle, often caused by landing on a teammate’s foot. Additionally, strains of fingers, elbows, shoulders, and back injuries are common, especially when a ball lands awkwardly during a block.

Numbers Don’t Lie

According to statistics from 2019, around 2,500 volleyball players suffered sports injuries. Hands and fingers are the most vulnerable, followed by ankles and wrists. Fractures and sprains are the most common injuries. Thanks to our EHBSO course, we are now better prepared to respond quickly and efficiently to these incidents.

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The Course in a Nutshell

During this course, we delved into the world of first aid for sports accidents. Bumps, falls, and collisions โ€“ in every sport, injuries are a risk. Thanks to this course, we can now distinguish between different injuries and know how to respond appropriately. Resuscitation, a topic that many people find intimidating, turned out to be much more accessible than anticipated. We learned how to perform CPR, both with and without using an AED. This knowledge gives us the confidence to react swiftly and effectively in emergencies.

What Have We Learned?

The course covered a wide range of topics:

  • CPR and AED usage
  • Unconsciousness
  • Burns
  • Fractures
  • Head injuries
  • Skin abrasions and wounds
  • Hypothermia and overheating
  • Dislocations
  • Muscle cramps and tears
  • Choking and suffocation
  • Sprains and bruises

Our Dedication to Safety

At Sovicos, we aim to provide a safe sports environment for all our members. This EHBSO course is an example of our dedication to everyone’s safety and well-being. We believe that preparation is the key to swift and effective action in emergency situations. That’s why we are proud of our members who attended this course and committed to improving their EHBSO skills.

Curious about our next steps? Stay updated through our social media and website. We look forward to a safe and sporty season, knowing that we are ready to step in if necessary! ๐Ÿ๐Ÿฉน #EHBSO #SafetyFirst #SovicosVolleyballSafety