Step into the spotlight! Give permission for amazing visuals

This post is also available in: Dutch

Hello Sovicos members!

We have an important topic to discuss with you: the use of visual content on our website and social media. As the editorial team, we capture a lot of photos and videos of matches, training sessions, and other fun activities that we would love to share with you. It’s fantastic to have cool action shots of yourself and see how much fun we have at Sovicos.

However, we understand that not everyone always wants to be featured in photos and videos, even though they can be valuable and enjoyable. That’s why we ask for your permission. When you sign up as a new member, we automatically ask for your consent. If you may have checked “no” but would actually like to be included in visual content, or if you didn’t indicate anything, no problem! Just send an email to the editorial team to grant permission for the use of visual content. This way, we can capture and share the most beautiful moments, perhaps with a fantastic match report alongside!

What exactly do we use the visuals for?

First and foremost, they are posted on our website, so that everyone can see how awesome our club is and the amazing activities we engage in. Additionally, we share the visuals on our social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram en LinkedIn.

Through this, we aim to not only showcase the atmosphere and enjoyment within Sovicos but also attract new members and raise awareness about our club. By sharing these visuals, we can collectively express our pride and passion for our association!

We encourage as many members as possible to give their consent for the creation and use of visual content. It’s a fantastic way to demonstrate your enthusiasm and involvement with Sovicos. Moreover, together, we can capture and share even more beautiful memories.

So, step into the spotlight and grant permission! If you haven’t done so already, of course ๐Ÿ˜‰ We look forward to showcasing your radiant faces on our website and social media. Quickly send an email to the editorial team to indicate that you would like to grant permission for the use of visual content. Let’s share the wonderful moments of Sovicos with the rest of the world together!

Sporty regards, the editorial team!