Important update: Use DWF via your own phone

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We have good news for all Sovicos members! After years of using tablets during home matches, we are now transitioning to an even more convenient solution. Officials and Sovicos members can easily log in to the DWF application ( using their own phones. This applies to all competitive players above the age of 18.

Useful tips for captains/coaches:

To avoid stress and haste, we recommend preparing your match registration a few days in advance through DWF. This gives you time to prepare your team, complete any tasks, and warm up. So make sure your team administration in DWF is in order! You can determine who is responsible for entering the match registration for each team.

How to fill in the DWF form:

Open the “Mijn Volleybal” app on your mobile phone and log in. Also, visit and log in with your Nevobo account (make sure your relationship code, e.g., CFX9N5K, is filled in your account). Through this platform, you can view your own matches and teams. You can choose to log in with your email, relationship code, or Facebook. Don’t forget your password! For a more detailed guide, you can refer to this link.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the DWF:

Do all Sovicos players above the age of 18 who participate in competitions need to activate/register their Nevobo bonds account?

Yes, your bonds account is linked to our association and grants you access to Sovicos’ match and team composition. For youth players, we recommend that at least the captain activates/registers their bonds account.

Some youth teams don’t have a fixed coach. Do we need to provide a coach with a relationship code in the DWF?

According to Nevobo regulations, coaches should be members of Nevobo. If this is not the case, you can enter a non-registered coach in the DWF under the “add coach” section in team management or for the specific match. Enter the desired name in the search bar. If no result is found, click on “add non-registered person” at the bottom and enter at least the name and date of birth. If the relationship code is known, you can also add it.

Do we still use paper forms?

In case of a malfunction, we can use the “old-style” paper match forms as a last resort, but we will also use simplified score forms at the scoring table. This allows for noting substitutions and emailing set scores and final results to the association in case of a malfunction.

Do we choose “live tracking” or “entering results afterwards”?

Our advice is to continue working with “entering results afterwards.”

For more information, please visit this page about the DWF form and the frequently asked questions.

With these changes, we aim to simplify the use of DWF and make match registration more efficient. We look forward to benefiting from these improvements together and taking our association to the next level!