Help build a thriving Sovicommunity with SoviScore!

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Are you ready for something new and exciting at Sovicos? We have great news for all members: we are introducing the Sovicos Points System, or SoviScore! An exciting and positive initiative that will make volunteering at our club even more fun and fair!

The power of volunteers

At Sovicos, we know that our club can only flourish thanks to the efforts of volunteers, from the board and match secretariat to the trainers and coaches. We believe that everyone can make a valuable contribution and we want to bind even more volunteers to us. This is why we enthusiastically discussed the introduction of the Sovicos Points System at the last AGM.

How does it work?

rd to create an overview of all volunteer tasks within our association. This has given us a clear picture Behind the scenes we have been working haof who does what and allows us to divide the tasks fairly. Each task has now been given a number of points based on time commitment and responsibility. From lighter, occasional tasks to heavier positions, all contributions are valued.

Your role in the game

We expect each Sovicos member to pick up a volunteer task that suits them. Each team is challenged to achieve a certain number of volunteer points, and as a team you decide how to fill those points. You can choose to make different team members responsible for smaller tasks, such as helping the cash audit committee. Or you can agree to have some team members take on larger volunteer tasks, such as giving practices and coaching games.

Speel voor de overwinning

Here comes the fun part: SoviScore is all about scoring as many points as possible, just like in the volleyball league! At the end of the season, the top 3 teams will receive a fantastic reward for all their hard work. Let’s go together for that first place and get the trophy!

A smooth start and support

We understand that this new system may take some getting used to and that the scores and weightings may seem a bit complicated at first. Therefore, in the start-up phase, we will communicate carefully so that everyone understands exactly what is intended and how we can all do our part for our wonderful association. Should a team need some additional tasks, our contact persons, Lieke & Milene, are ready to suggest suitable vacancies and tasks. Let’s stay positive and hope this will not be necessary!

A close and thriving Sovi community

We have every confidence in SoviScore. We believe it will contribute to an even closer and more thriving Sovi community. Together we can ensure a great experience for everyone and an association we can be proud of!

Let’s embrace this new challenge with open arms and together build an even brighter future for Sovicos!