Cheers to a Sportive 2024!

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The first message of the new year! And, of course, it’s about sports resolutions, what else? Read below to discover what we have in store for 2024.

Team Spirit in the Spotlight: Cheering for Each Other

In 2024, we’re focusing on an overwhelming team spirit. Our supporters not only voice their support for their own team but cheer just as enthusiastically for other teams within the association. Together, we’re creating a sports community where everyone feels supported.

Vibrant Activity Calendar: Something for Everyone

Our calendar is packed with diverse activities. From thrilling sports events that get the adrenaline flowing to enjoyable gatherings that strengthen the bonds among us. Sovicos becomes the meeting place for members seeking fun and relaxation both on and off the volleyball court.

Power of Volunteers: Your Contribution Matters

Volunteers are the beating heart of Sovicos. In 2024, we encourage our members even more to actively participate in the association. Explore the various opportunities on our vacancy page and contribute to the strength of volunteering.

Board Strengthening: Build Sovicos Together

With several open positions in the board, we call upon enthusiastic members to take responsibility. Become a chairman, treasurer, or secretary and help the association thrive.

Smart Automation for Convenience: Streamlining the Registration Process

In 2024, we aim for more automation, including streamlining the registration process. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for members and to make processes more efficient.

Unity and Warmth: A Home Feeling for Everyone

At Sovicos, it’s not just about the sport but also about the warm unity and coziness. We want everyone to feel at home, and friendships within the association to grow.

Safe and Enthusiastic Environment: Standing for Respect and Kindness

A safe environment is a top priority for us. Sovicos continues to work towards an enthusiastic environment where respect and kindness take center stage. A place where everyone comes with joy, feels safe, and is welcomed.

Initiating Association Policy 2025+: Building for the Future

A crucial milestone in 2024 is the start of our new association policy 2025+. Together with our members, we set the course for a sustainable, sporty, and successful future.

Full Hall on Friday Evening: Festive Friday Vibes

Let’s turn every Friday night into a celebration with a full hall, vibrant energy, and sportsmanship. Our members ensure that Friday night vibes are unforgettable.

We challenge all Sovicos members to share their personal sports goals. Together, let’s make 2024 a year of growth, fun, and successes! And you know; without volunteers, there is no association, so if you have some time and want to keep playing volleyball for years to come, check out the open positions and sign up!