SoviScore Spotlight: Pit!

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At SoviScore, every month, we shine a light on a remarkable volunteer as the “Volunteer of the Month”. Why? Because volunteers are the beating heart of our club! They dedicate their time, passion, and energy to keep Sovicos running smoothly. This recognition is our small gesture to celebrate their immense contribution to our club.

This month, we’re putting Pit in the spotlight as our SoviScore Volunteer of the Month! Formerly a libero player for Gents 1, Pit transitioned to the beach sands a few years ago. This season, he not only coaches a beachvolleybalgroup but also regularly supports our editorial team by capturing stunning photos. Whether during matches or at events like our first SoviParty of the season, Pit is always ready to capture the perfect shot.

And aren’t we all excited about those beautiful photos? A thoroughly deserved Volunteer of the Month! We sat down with Pit to learn more about his volunteering experience.

This season, he has become the eye behind the lens, determined to capture Sovicos’ most meaningful moments. “Together with Milene, I am the photographer, creating visual content for the club’s social media channels and website.” His passion for photography is evident in every image he captures. It’s not just about clicking the camera; it’s about capturing Sovicos’ energy, enthusiasm, and essence in every frame. “I particularly enjoy the craft of photographing, the editing process, and adding value to the club. Capturing moments for Sovicos allows me to refine my skills, experiment with new settings, lenses, and compositions, ultimately making me a better photographer.” A win-win situation.

But Pit does more than just taking photos. He contributes to our club’s visual identity, capturing the smiles, efforts, and triumphs of our teams in images that tell a story. It’s an art to capture the right moment, and Pit masters this art with dedication and style.

For Pit, volunteering goes beyond earning SoviScore points. It’s a way to share his skills, meet new people, and support the club he calls home. “Although collecting points and potential rewards are, of course, fun, SoviScore plays only a minor role in my volunteering. My greatest satisfaction comes from the recognition I receive from the Editorial Team for the photos I deliver.”

And we are incredibly grateful for all the beautiful images! Thank you, Pit, for the splendid photos and the inexhaustible energy you invest in Sovicos! 📸🏐

No Volunteers, No Club

Do you want to contribute too? Consider becoming a board member, take on the role of membership administration, or join the audit committee. 🌟 Let’s make Sovicos even more beautiful together; check out the vacancies here and send an email right away. Who knows, you might be the next ‘Volunteer of the Month’!!

Questions about SoviScore, being a Sovi volunteer, or anything else? Email Lieke and Milene.