SoviScore Update: Midway Achievements!

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We’ve been at it for a few months, and what fantastic scores we’ve racked up. Lieke and Milene from the SoviScore team are thrilled with your efforts. 🌟 But, there are still teams lagging behind. Keep reading to discover how to not only secure the 50 SoviScore points but also snag fantastic rewards!

SoviScore in the Spotlight

The SoviScore team applauds your fantastic commitment! πŸŽ‰ However, we want to give teams that are a bit behind a little boost. Reminder: aim for a minimum of 50 points by December 1st to avoid being scheduled more often for standard tasks like bar service, refereeing, counting, and hall service. We’ll be reviewing the scores on December 1st, so make sure your team hits that 50-point mark by then!


Penning down match reports and handling occasional tasks is going great! πŸ“ΈπŸ“ But, let’s not forget about taking on regular volunteer tasks. Have you heard about our search for a treasurer? 🧐 Sign up now and earn not 20 but a double dose of SoviScore points (40!) as a reward: the SoviSuperScore!! And here’s the good news: you’re not alone. Together with the board, you’ll be responsible for the financial well-being of the club. And, if you want to take on this challenge with a teammate, that’s also possible. Interested? Contact the board!

Not your thing? No worries, we’re also looking for stars for other important roles like president, membership administration, secretary, and sponsorship committee.

Ensure at Least 50 SoviScore Points by December 1st!

Make sure your team reaches that 50 SoviScore points by December 1st! πŸ† And why not sign up now for a volunteer task? Serve at the bar during Moviecos or the BlackLight Tournament (January 5th), write a fantastic match report, or volunteer as a trainer and/or coach. And if you really want to shine, go for one of our regular volunteer tasks. Check out the vacancies on our website.

Changes in SoviScore

Attention! From December 1st, there are a few adjustments. We will now reward writing a match report and Friday night reporting with 1 SoviScore point instead of 5.

Questions? Email: and claim your SoviScores here. πŸ“©