Trainers wanted!

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You can play a game of volleyball without a trainer / coach, but if you want to get better and learn, you really need a trainer. And we, Sovicos, also need trainers to continue offering training.

Many teams have a trainer, but there are still some teams in both youth and adults for whom we are still looking for a trainer. Are you interested? Then let the youth tc/tc know asap by mail or speak to one of the tc members in the sports hall.

And training really isn’t as difficult or scary as it might sound. We asked two new trainers.

“I found it quite scary in the beginning, because what can I teach the hands in the trade, also known as Heren 5? The gentlemen gave themselves training for a long time, but still preferred a trainer so that they could play volleyball themselves instead of giving exercises to each other, understandable! That is why I started giving training together with Anne José. Both of us had never given training before, so we mainly just provided ‘fun’ exercises that kept the men busy.

It was a hit! The next season they wanted me back as a trainer. I really enjoy doing it. I learn a lot from it and every training session is so enjoyable, which is important in addition to thinking up and giving fun exercises. I still have a lot to learn as a trainer, but with that Sovicos helps too. Rob, for example, gave me some books with great training exercises to help me on my way.” – Milene

“I started giving training sessions because a trainer dropped out last season. Because I knew some people from that team I was asked if I could take over and finish the season with them. I had never led a training before but knew the team was great, so of course I wanted to help them.

The workouts themselves can be challenging, as I’m not a natural leader, but also rewarding and a lot of fun. I was lucky enough to train a team with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, eager to improve but also always having fun. I believe I was able to stimulate that by encouraging them, by being happy and enthusiastic, which in turn made giving the training sessions more fun for myself as well.” – Lilian

You see? Anyone can be/become a trainer. Can and will you help the club by becoming a trainer? Send an email now to if you want to train a youth team or to if you want to train an adult team. You can also contact the youth tc and tc for questions regarding becoming a trainer.

Are you completely new as a trainer (like Milene and Lilian) and could you use some help? Of course we will help you on your way. For example with helping to make up different exercises, watching and learning from another trainer/training and even an official trainer course is possible.