Becoming a member of Sovicos does not only give you certain rights, but also comes with certain obligations. A short explanation of the rules can be found in this document, so you know what to do in different situations as a newcomer. Our club runs on volunteers, and we hope that you will quickly become integrated at Sovicos and contribute where necessary. We strive for an open and honest environment within our club. Will you join us?

If you’d like to know more about the formal rules of Sovicos, you can of course consult the Statutes.

The right to play

Robert Ooijen takes care of the member administration. Once you’ve received the green light from him to start playing games, you are allowed to participate.

Usually the captain or coach collects the team’s playing cards to bring to games. The following applies to all teams: if you do not have your player card with you at a match, you must show official proof of identity (passport, drivers license or identity card), with a similar-looking passport photo, your name, initials and date of birth. The referee will make a note on the DWF, which you and the captain have to sign. You will receive a €5 fine per game from the Nevobo. These costs are for you, not the club. No card and no ID means you will have to sit out.

A new player card can be requested via the Member Administration Committee for €5. In addition, you must provide a digital passport photo that meets the Nevobo requirements.

Uniform and jersey number

If you are registered, you will receive a confirmation email from the Member Administration Committee. Rob will assign you a jersey number, with which you can get your uniform via

The Nevobo will impose a fine of approximately €5 per match for not playing in an official uniform. These costs are for you, not the club. You must wear black shorts under your jersey, which you can also order here.


You will be assigned to a team before the start of the competition. This is usually the team you acutally train with, but sometimes a number of players will be listed on lower-performing teams, so their qualities might be used for higher playing teams, especially in the first phase of the competition. The Technical Committee will inform you accordingly. Women registered at 2nd Class or lower may also fill in for men’s teams up to 2nd Class.

Players are allowed to substitute for a higher playing team two times per calendar month, for a total of 11 times per season. If you play in the 2nd Class or lower and there is another Sovicos team playing at the same level, you can also subsitute for them. Substituting always happens in agreement with the Technical Committee. The third substitution in one calendar month or the 12th substitution in one season means you’re locked into the highest performing team that you played for last, and are not allowed to play in a lower team. If a substitute does not play during a match, you must have this noted by the referee after the game.

Digital Game Form (DWF)

We use the DWF at all our games at the Steenwijklaan, for which four tablets have been purchased. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with the internet connection, there are always the trusted paper forms available behind the bar in the Sovicos cabinet. Only for emergencies though. If you are using a paper form, please hand them in to the Game Secretary after the game. More information about the DWF can be found here.

Officiating tasks

Refereeing and counting shifts are assigned to each team at the beginning of the season. You can divide all tasks among the team members. What do you do when you can’t turn up for your shift?

  1. Ask within your team if someone can trade. For referees, you have to make sure your substitute is allowed to ref for the level you were scheduled for.
  2. Check with the other teams to see if someone can take your shift.
  3. Always provide a replacement in time. If you try to find someone the day before, there is a good chance it won’t work.
  4. Changes should always reported to the Referee Coordinator. Make sure you arrive at the assigned matches on time. If you haven’t found a replacement after trying very hard, please contact the referee coordinator. Not at the last minute however, as he/she needs time as well.
  5. Cancelling your shift is not without consequences. If you do not have a valid reason for cancelling after a first warning, a fine of €12 will be imposed and that money will go to your replacement. The missed shift however will not be canceled, and will be rescheduled at a later time.

Booking system

A red, yellow or red+yellow card is automatically registered as a booking. A red card is recorded as 1 and a red+yellow card as 2 booking points. Three bookings automatically mean a suspension. Each subsequent booking in the same season results in another suspension. In other words: keep quiet and show your respect to others. In addition, a booking also results in a fine from the Nevobo, which will be charged to you.

Warming-up volleyballs

At the beginning of the season, each team receives 5 balls for the home and away games. The team is responsible for returning the same balls at the end of the season. For each ball not returned, the team will be charged the costs of replacement.

Hall shifts

During our home games, all teams will have to take hall shifts at some point during the season. As the team on duty, you are expected to take on the organization at the beginning of the evening and ensure that the teams on the courts perform their tasks properly and on time. If necessary you help the youth teams with the construction of their field/net as well. For the teams scheduled to play the last games of the night: clear your own net, check whether everything is tidy and the hall is clean. Also make sure that there are no more balls in the hall or in the stands.

Net heights

Girls Anet height: 2.24 mcourt size: 9 x 9 meter
Girls Bnet height: 2.15 mcourt size: 9 x 9 meter
Girls Cnet height: 2.05 mcourt size: 9 x 7 meter
Boys Bnet height: 2.24 mcourt size: 9 x 9 meter
Mini’snet height: 2,00 mcourt size: 6 x 6 meter
Ladiesnet height: 2.24 mcourt size: 9 x 9 meter
Mennet height: 2.43 mcourt size: 9 x 9 meter

Nevobo fines

Nevobo fines that the club receives and that concern a player or team, will be charged to that person or team. Below is a list of the different fines and the corresponding amounts:

No player card€5
Sudden changes in competition schedule€10
No official uniform€5
Wrong player code€5
No-show at a game€50 (for second offence – €100)
Withdrawal from competition€200

Bar shifts

Each team provides enough people to perform the obligatory bar shifts. The teams are divided according to the playing schedule on both Wednesday and Friday evenings.

Rules of the Game Certificate

Every member is obliged to obtain the Rules of the Game Certificate, which gives you the right to referee for 3rd Class games and lower, offered by the Nevobo. Failure to obtain this certificate leads to a €25 fine. New members have to obtain this certificate within 3 months of the start of their membership.


All teams train in the sports hall at the Steenwijklaan or in the Sportcampus Zuiderpark. If you’re the first to play that night, you have to set up your own court. If you’re the last, you take everything down. If you are the last team to leave, walk through the entire hall to double check. All material should be stored in the storage room, which is located in the right-hand corner of the hall, and check whether it is closed. All home games are played at the Steenwijklaan.

Lost and found

If you have lost something or found an item that has been left behind in the hall or in the changing rooms, please check or hand it in at the bar/reception.

Contact information

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