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Early Shift

  • The match secretariat determines in advance on which courts the matches will be played and ensures that there are (2) match schedules available.
  • The match schedules are displayed in the canteen (1st floor) and the notice board (downstairs next to the entrance door in the hallway).
  • If necessary, the team opens the equipment room (key in the cabinet behind the bar). Return the key!!!
  • Teams set up their own courts (from 6:30 PM) (poles, score tables, chairs, scoreboards + score sheets and pens, referee chairs, and net/height).
  • The team on duty assists in setting up the courts for a youth team.
  • The team on duty hangs the intermediate net as tightly as possible.

Late Shift

  • All teams with late matches dismantle their own court (poles, net, chairs, score table, referee chairs, scoreboards).
  • Place nets + scoreboards on the equipment cart.
  • Place referee chairs in the storage room.
  • Store score tables and chairs in the storage room directly opposite the entrance.
  • The team on duty stores the intermediate net after all matches are over (even if their own match might be finished much earlier).
  • The team on duty is responsible for inspecting the hall, including the lower tribune, after all matches regarding (half)empty bottles, peels, paper, forgotten clothing, etc. The team is responsible for leaving the hall ‘clean’ at the end of the evening.
  • All volleyballs (unless they are warm-up balls for a team) must be placed in the ball cabinets in the storage room.
  • Any tablets or match forms left behind must be returned behind the bar.